Product of a Broken Home
2001-12-26 04:10:26 (UTC)

christmas day, oh christmas day!

i got to stay home today. i spent the day asleep, and then
i opened presents, went bak to bed, then got up, took a
bath, walked around the house without any clothes on
{heheheh...} and talked on the phone. talked to aaron for
awhile, at which point both of us got more depressed, and i
promised to write him the email, which will be enclosed in
the diary entry in a bit, and then talked to chris. we both
were pretty touchy, and weren't very civil. i actually
honed him back to apologize for that and it seems he'd
cheered upo, i finiished typing up afore mentioned email,
and now i'm doing this.

wow, a whole day summarized in under 250 words.

ok, so the email..aaron has to go have a civil conversation
with his cousin about what happened at annettes party
tomorrow, but of course he needs to know the whole story of
what happened. so i typed it up, and sent t to him. but i
guess i've been bascly not telling people here about what
happened, i've been pretty vague, so i decided that while i
was at it i might as well type it up here. so here's the

kenzie, annette, stephannie, june and i, had all been
drinking and were taking turns signing onto our various
msns and talking to people. when we got to my turn, i
signed on and chris/christian, was on. we started chatting
and eventually we invited him over. but he phoned first,
and june insulted him, so he almost didn't come. except i
convinced him to anyways, based on that we were sorry and
that june was leaving before he got there. so he came and
got there at about 2 am. annette's mom pulled up at pretty
much the same time, and she was a bit ticked, but she dealt
with it ok i guess. we all went into annettes room to avoid
making too much noise, and steph and jennifer {annette's
little sister} fell asleep on the bed pretty quickly. the
rest of us, annette, kenzie, myself, and chris, lay down on
the floor. annette lay beside the bed, chris beside her,
kenzie sat at their feet, and lay down on chris' stomach.
we were all talking, and we turned the lights out, and
everyone got pretty quiet, and for all appearances were
sleeping. i had moved up beside chris, and was facing away
from him, with him, annette and i all sharing a blanket. he
put his arm around me and slowly began to feel me up, then
down. annette and kenzie got up and left the room, claiming
they couldn't sleep and were going for a walk, they ended
up just sleeping on the couch in the living room. meanwhile
me and chris had started making out, and he was lying on
his back, and moved my hand down, un-doing his pants so i
could give him a hand job. which i did. after he came we
both pretty much lay back and were quiet. after about 5, or
10 minutes, i got up and left the room, going into the
living room. i sat there talking with kenzie for a few
minutes, but not for long. i went back into the bedroom,
not wanting to leave stephannie and jennifer alone in there
with chris. so i went back and lay down, and it was pretty
quiet for about 20 minutes, i almost fell asleep. except as
i was, he rolled over and started touching me again, i let
him. he slowly worked his way down, and slid his hand into
my pants, fingering me. then he pulled off my pants and
performed oral sex on me, until i pulled away and told him
to stop. he did. then he started kissing me, and i kissed
him back. then he moved my head down and manipulated it
into a position where i could give him oral sex. and as i
pulled away from it, slightly, he pushed my head down,
slightly, so i just did it until he ejaculated, and then
pulled away. we lay there pretty silently for an
undetermined amount of time, somewhere between a half hour
and an hour. at which point we started making out again.
except this time it went along fairly quickly, and he
pulled down my pants, and his, and rolled over on top of
me. basically we had sex without actual penetration taking
place. as he was moving on top of me, i said, don't, and he
said he wouldn't. but i think he thought i meant no actual
penetration, which he didn't do. anyway, after that, we
both lay back, and at some point i drifted off to sleep,
i'm not so sure about him, and annette woke me up at about
9 the next morning. we all hung out at her house for a bit,
and then kenzie had to leave, but she was being picked up
at my house, so we all, except for stephannie, ho had left
earlier, walked her over o my house. and after she left, we
took chris to his bus stop, and annette went home. i waited
for his bus with him till it came, and then he got on and

the end

{oh yeah..and this wasn't included in the actually email,
but a)i think with a few alterations this would make a good
erotic story, and b)aaron i know you read this, so i'm
sorry i didn't tell you everything the girst time..and just
because i have to keep this light or i'm going togo cry
again c)your cousin is nothing compared to you...[again,