the writing of kuypers
2001-04-09 13:20:29 (UTC)

for mom

for mom

June 8, 1999

once i was sitting in the living room,
and i said i need to go wash my hands.
so i walked upstairs, went over to the kitchen sink.
mom, sitting in the living room, didn't mention
that the sink was half-full of raw squid for her dinner.
i shriek. mom laughs.
"are their beady little eyes looking
up at you?" she asked.
the little devil.


every once in a while
mom would play cards with us
but her poker face is just awful.
she'd draw a card,
one she evidently wanted
look at it down her bifocals
raise her eyebrows

"ooh, ooh, ooh!!" she’d say.

we all knew then we should fold


she never wanted to sing,
mom always said she
sounded just awful, and dad even
agreed. he'd make a humorous threat,
like, be careful, or i'll make mom sing.

but one thing mom was always
musical at was yawning,
i think she could hum a song while
she yawned
usually, though, she
would just start her yawn with a high pitch

then change key by key
for five or six notes

sometimes we'd all just be quiet watching
television and out would come one of
mother's original scores.


once when i was in florida
visiting mom and dad
(i think it was a sunday)
mom asked me,
"what do you want for dinner
and i thought,
i don't know what i want for dinner
tonight, or even if i want
to eat, much less
what i want for dinner
two days from now

i wanted to tell her to relax,
not to worry about me,
and i thought,

there she goes again
making sure
everything is perfect


she never likes to see her daughter cry
it would make her cry too

"you go in there, talk to her"
she would say to another daughter

i remember once
i cried and ran upstairs to my bedroom
i was laying on my bed in the dark

my sister tried to come in
i told her to leave me alone

then my mother knocked
and i couldn't tell her to go away

she came in, sat on the bed

started crying

"you see, i always turn into a mess"

but it was nice to see you cry for me

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