somewhere over the rainbow
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2001-12-26 03:18:48 (UTC)

12-25-01 9:13PM

hey sorry i havent written in a whiile. lots has
happened. nothing good of corse...thats how my life is
tho. um first of all wednesday, i got like really really
drunk with alex, so fun! and we were like driving around in
his car and stuff. he crashed into a tree. u know those
little like 2 yr old trees. it was like no big deal. but
when ur drunk its so much fun. lol. and yeah then i came
home and iguess i went online and talked to jeremy but i
dont eally rememerb it. but yeah and then like thursday or
friday evan pissed me off. i hate him. he basicly like
told me off big time. lol. heres the IM:
Evmann86 [12:03 AM]: hi
Callmebabyj4444 [12:04 AM]: whats up homie g
Evmann86 [12:04 AM]: notin
Callmebabyj4444 [12:04 AM]: ur b days comming up
Callmebabyj4444 [12:04 AM]: jan....14th?
Evmann86 [12:05 AM]: no
Evmann86 [12:05 AM]: 18
Callmebabyj4444 [12:05 AM]: aww
Callmebabyj4444 [12:05 AM]: i was so close
Callmebabyj4444 [12:05 AM]: im 18 days older
Callmebabyj4444 [12:07 AM]: did sum1 im u and say that
they were going to kill u?
Evmann86 [12:08 AM]: um
Evmann86 [12:08 AM]: sort of
Callmebabyj4444 [12:08 AM]: suicidelipgloss4?
Evmann86 [12:08 AM]: they just said they didn't like me
Evmann86 [12:08 AM]: so i said thanks for the input and
that was that
Evmann86 [12:08 AM]: yeah
Callmebabyj4444 [12:08 AM]: yeah, that was my friend
Callmebabyj4444 [12:08 AM]: she and i were a lil drunk
Callmebabyj4444 [12:08 AM]: sorry
Evmann86 [12:09 AM]: i really dont care
Callmebabyj4444 [12:09 AM]: yeah u do
Callmebabyj4444 [12:10 AM]: wednesday, alexx nad i were
like totally drunk and driving around
Callmebabyj4444 [12:10 AM]: and tehn he crashed into a
Callmebabyj4444 [12:10 AM]: and the tree just like bent in
Callmebabyj4444 [12:10 AM]: it didnt even hurt is car
Callmebabyj4444 [12:10 AM]: lol
Evmann86 [12:10 AM]: oh, that really sounds like it
Callmebabyj4444 [12:10 AM]: it was so funny
Callmebabyj4444 [12:10 AM]: ?
Evmann86 [12:10 AM]: im sure it was
Evmann86 [12:11 AM]: you dont just crash into a tree
without something happening to your car
Callmebabyj4444 [12:11 AM]: and u would know this how?
Callmebabyj4444 [12:11 AM]: u hacve ue license?
Callmebabyj4444 [12:12 AM]: i didnt think so
Evmann86 [12:12 AM]: you dont crash into a tree without
something happening to the car
Evmann86 [12:13 AM]: and you dont have your liscense
Callmebabyj4444 [12:13 AM]: but im closer to having my
liscense than u are
Evmann86 [12:13 AM]: how so
Evmann86 [12:14 AM]: and what does that have to do with
Callmebabyj4444 [12:14 AM]: and what does pretending u
know everything when in reality u dont have to do iwth
Evmann86 [12:15 AM]: im not pretending anything
Evmann86 [12:15 AM]: you tell LIES
Evmann86 [12:15 AM]: and we all know that you tell LIES
Evmann86 [12:15 AM]: and you are not a SMART person
Callmebabyj4444 [12:15 AM]: i never said i was
Callmebabyj4444 [12:16 AM]: and i dont try to be
Evmann86 [12:16 AM]: in fact, you are a very stupid
person, without any sort of independent thinking mind thats
why you always have to ask others for advice and i'm damn
sick of it
Evmann86 [12:16 AM]: i dont wanna hear your god damn made
up stories
Callmebabyj4444 [12:17 AM]: i dont wanna hear ur views and
beleifs of issues that have no importance to people
Evmann86 [12:18 AM]: fine, i dont care, i never want to
tell you them you always ask
Callmebabyj4444 [12:18 AM]: do i?
Evmann86 [12:18 AM]: and maybe they dont have any
importance to you, thats perfectly fine, just come up with
your own god damn ideas and opinions
Callmebabyj4444 [12:18 AM]: i share mine with u
Callmebabyj4444 [12:19 AM]: and u disagree with them
Evmann86 [12:19 AM]: like what?
Callmebabyj4444 [12:19 AM]: throw urs at me
Evmann86 [12:19 AM]: no, those aren't ideas, you just tell
me stuff thats happend
Callmebabyj4444 [12:19 AM]: for example how i beleive
anorexia is okk and theres noting at all wronjing with it
Evmann86 [12:19 AM]: and you say "Oh, my mom is
controlling my life wahwah wah what should i do bitch bitch
whine whine"
Evmann86 [12:20 AM]: fine, you think like that, i'd tell
you what i think, you make your own decisions based on that
Callmebabyj4444 [12:20 AM]: and ur like "woa woa this band
is so cool wow im going to be soo rich when i grow up" when
in fact i knwo u suck, the whole band knows u suck and so
does every 1 else
Evmann86 [12:20 AM]: you can fucking starve your self and
look like an ugly bitch all you want im never going to see
you anyways
Callmebabyj4444 [12:21 AM]: i never said i was anorexc
Evmann86 [12:21 AM]: oh, thats reeeal smart to say
Callmebabyj4444 [12:21 AM]: i jsut said there was nothing
wroign with it
Evmann86 [12:21 AM]: i never brag about the band
Evmann86 [12:21 AM]: and i dont WANT to be rich
Callmebabyj4444 [12:21 AM]: oooo yeah right evan
Evmann86 [12:22 AM]: listen i honestly do not care what
you think, so im done talking to you, i have been trying to
avoid talking to you for a while now along with the rest of
us, but you always talk talk talk with your stupid made up
stories and then apoligize and then talk some more
Callmebabyj4444 [12:23 AM]: fine, just leave me the hell
alone then

yeah.. its like all true tho. i hate him... im never
talking to him again. and then christmas (today) spending
the whole day with my family. ahhh. its a nightmare!~ oh
well all i gotta say is no one is a virgin, lifes fucked us
all! (not my quote of corse) lol ttyl

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