Dreaming Of Everything
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2001-12-26 02:41:09 (UTC)

Do you ever wonder why...

People in this world always have problems. Take September
11th. Bin Laden must be having this internal battle with
himself about what is the "right" thing to do. I may be
fickle about this whole situation, but I don't see the
reason why he did it in the first place.

Today was our Christmas dinner for my dad's side of the
family. My cousin, Chris, actually showed up on his own
good will!!! I was so excited!! He's the best. lol. See,
his dad (my uncle) lost full custody of him when my aunt
Judy moved to Texas about 7 years ago, because she was in
the army. Judy now lives in Colorado, and Chris is living
on his own, a senior in high school, finishing up his
education and he spent his own money to come up and visit
us. I think that's really cool. Anywho. I received $50
in Wal-Mart gift cards...okay, yeah, so my family is a
buncha rednecks. Got a problem with that? deal with it.

Billy Bob (code name for my crush) and I had a converstaion
yesterday. It was great. It's so weird because everytime
I talk to him, it's like everything is okay. I don't get
it. My day can totally be shitty, and I could want to jump
off a bridge, so I sign online and he's there to talk
to..and everything's okay. Maybe he's something more...I
just don't know!!!! No words can explain what I feel!

I have big dreams for myself. I want to be famous one day,
and I AM going to make it one day. I don't know what I
want to be famous for. So many people are telling me I am
great at different things...example number 1-they tell me
that I am a great fiction writter,and I'm great at writing
stories. Then they tell me that i'm a great singer, which
would be cool because one of my dreams is to work with
different song writers and artists like Diane Warren, Max
Martin, JC Chasez, Justin Timberlake...Just to name a few.
That would be A-W-E-S-O-M-E! okay, yeah. and then other
people tell me that I am good at making up and learning
dances..which is TOTALLY weird because I weighy like
5000000 pounds (probably not that much, but it's close
enough) but I like doing it! it's fun! singing, dancing,
playin piano, and writing are what I like to do.

Well, I'd better go. I'll write more later!

Bye bye bye! *just to go along with the theme of this