Blood and Chocolate
2001-12-26 02:36:19 (UTC)

i meant the kissing you part

hey everyone!
Sup ? Not much here! they are all gone!!!!! :)! yeah!!!! i
am so happy they were all pissing the crap out of me ! and
some how we got on the topic of different races and my
uncle and grandpa and grandma are so racist! so haha (evil
laugh)me being the lil devil girl that i am and totally
ready to get back at them for being such ass holes i planed
a lil sceme!!!!haha! ok so my friend Josh (he is a jr. at
FHN he is 'black' ) calls and was talking to me and so I
was thinking 'hmmm.... what if my uncle grandpa and
grandma see me with him???' so a light bulb goes off and I
asked josh if he would mind helping me out, he says no he
has nothing better to do ! so he comes over and rings the
doorbell, my grandpa answers and goes 'who the hell are
you?' and I was on the stairs and I go ' oh josh you
didn't have to come hunny! ' and i ran down and gave him a
big hug and a kiss. and he goes 'oh babe i wanted to give
you this present myself.' and he handed me a lil black box
and winks . and i open it and it has his class ring! and I
was like 'omg thank you hunny! ' and i gave him another
kiss and he picked me up by the waist and spun me around
and set me down! and we look over at my grandpa and his jaw
must have been touching the ground! omg it was so funny!
and then i invited him to meet everyone ! lol ! they were
all so scared! then when he was leaving i walked him out to
his car and he said how much fun he just had and i was like
same here i love pissing them off and he goes ' oh well yes
that too but i meant the kissing you part! ' and I was
like 'oh ok thanks.' and I laughed and he was like 'well
merry christmas.' and he started to get into his car and i
was like 'merry christmas..... and thanks ' and i gave him
a small lil kiss and he got into the car and drove off! he
is a hot guy but he is a jr and goes to a different school
so it wouldn't work! but hell my whole family thought he
and i were involved! lol! except my brother and sister!
haha ! it was so funny! anyways! I was really sicky this
morning I took a like 4 hour nap and took a bunch of meds
so I am almost like all better! :) but i gotta blaze!
love ya