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2001-12-26 02:33:17 (UTC)

Just another day

It's Christmas night!

I just happen to be back from Georgia on a 'so-called'
family trip yesteray that is. It was sorta of fun in way.
Would have been better if we stayed there for more than
three days. But all well [shrugs].

I would have written earlier but I was lazy. ^___^

Hmmm...Christmas morning was fun. If you call it waking up
around 10 am, noticing that no one have arrived yet.

I love my presents though. Can't get enough of those
sweaters. Atleast I got the Old Navy hat and scarf I
wanted. Thanks B!

Oooh...Anime Dvd I got! Orphen! Wow, I love it! Orphen is
way wasabi and he and Cleao make a kawaii couple with all
thier bickering going on. Even though their not an offical
coupling.. there's potenial.

I'm all giddy b/c I read this amazing fic..with one of my
most fav. pairing. I'm still reeling from the aftershock.
[sigh] love it!

This is going to be a short entry..because I don't really
have much to say today.