mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2001-12-26 02:31:29 (UTC)

christmas 2001

Lets see, so far Christmas 2001 has been interesting to say
the least. Went to my 1st midnight mass, was pretty cool, i
sang ok, if i didnt have this stupid cold that just refuses
to go away, my voice probably would have been better, but
was still not too bad. Her kids were very happy w/their
presents from their grandparents, they cant wait till my
kids are there tomorrow to open rest of the loot. I think
it is very nice that they decided to wait the extra day to
open gifts , so my kids can be there too and open all gifts
Talked very briefly w/both mom & brother tonight, neither
thanked me for their gifts, not sure if i am still part of
the family or not at this point. I have always been
considered sort of black sheep, maybe this is proof. I do
know that my sweet gf loves me, now rest of family needs to
accept her & fact that we will be together wether they
approve or not. I am determined to make this work, I think
all the kids (hers & mine)approve, so why cant everyone
Almost time to get out of here, can't wait, partner is
being usual self (lets all not forget, he is asst chief
GOD!)maybe someday he will learn that he is an ass, but im
not getting my hopes up on
Will be picking up kids tommorow afternoon & i get to have
them till sun (4 days), I hope that they all get along and
enjoy all the presents,even though i have no idea how to
cart it all to their home when it is time to go.
Chest is loosening up & sinus is draining, i think cold is
finally breaking (about time).
I am hoping kids will think this Christmas is ok, i think
so far they are ok, but with this being 1st x-mas since
divorce, i still worry.
I want ex to let me get my radio out of *her* car, and she
had better get off ass & get it put into her name too.
I need to make decision as to wether i am gonna get new
drivers license & registration as well, will probably do it
shortly after 1st of yr.
That is all for now, any & all comments are appreciated.
Take Care - Ciao !