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2001-12-26 02:28:42 (UTC)

I've Found Him... and I Love Him.

Ok I don't actually have a title for this yet, so if anyone can come
up with a good (hell, a _passable_ one, let me know)

So long before there was ever time,
We were one, complete, united
Until suddenly, harmony exploded
And you and I were divided
For countless, endless years, I searched
Through a thousand lives, I cried
Silver stars trailed in my wake
Without you at my side
My mortal eyes looked for you
Without ever knowing why
My many hearts aching loneliness
When I looked up to the sky
I knew you were out there somewhere
Looking to the stars for me
I so longed to find you again,
To replace our unity
All my hearts beat without feeling
For the better half of me was gone
I wandered, hopeless, life through life
Still seeking you after so long
Till finally, many eons later
Came the start of a new existence
I壇 almost resigned to having lost you
But still I searched without resistance
18 seconds into a new eternity,
I saw you, but with eyes blinded
I felt but couldn稚 comprehend it
After trying so hard to find it
I was looking hard the other way
While you were beside me all along
And to see me happy, you let me astray
Though knowing inside, I was wrong
The wrong piece didn稚 fit my soul,
But I still didn稚 see
Though you were there the whole time
That you were the other part of me
Finally, one day I awakened
And was struck with a memory so clear:
Of being torn in half and swept away
Never before having you so near
My inner eyes opened and settled on you
And I felt my spirit reaching out
At long last, we壇 found each other-
Never again would we be without
Into my body痴 eyes, you gazed so deep
As in yours I saw the universe
The one of us drawing back together,
Seeing the separation in reverse
Your lips so softly met with mine
Light-years traveled ending with one kiss
In all my lives, I壇 longed for utopia
And being again with you was nothing but this
Together at last, we値l travel these bodies
Hand in hand, until this life is done
And then the eternal universe awaits us
Where two souls will again be as one.


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