2001-12-26 02:27:16 (UTC)


Well... Today is Christmas. It has been good. I got to see
Johnny and Rhonda last night, I saw Jacky, Justin, and
Marrissa today. Granny, Carl, Roger, & Linda came... Bobby,
Rita, Miranda, Kara, zach, and audrie didn't come because
Zach and Adrie are sick. I get to see them at New Years
anyway, so I guess everything is okay... Had a great
Christmas really though, I got FOURTY dollars from Billy
and Mandy! I mean, WOW! Turkey was good, as always. Momma
is wonderful at cooking. Tis the season to be jolly. I
heard more about Cassie's stalker. He is still apparently
going around fandom trying to claim innocence and making a
general nuissance of himself. Sean Biggerstaff is hot!!!
Just had to say that. I'm still waiting for the Library to
open so I can get Voyager... I hope its good, I've heard
mixed reviews on it. I can't imagine Diana Gabaldon writing
anything *bad*. 24 hours of a Christmas story. It's an
annual tradition that we watch it at least 3 times on
Christmas day...

~God bless us, each and every one.~