2001-12-26 01:44:10 (UTC)

Merry Christmas!

I had fun this morning preparing Christmas breakfast
followed almost immediately by beginning preparations for
Christmas dinner. It's a lot of work but it's worth it to
do it on the three major holidays. I have to say I enjoy
it. Next is New Year's dinner which is a prime rib. For
now, there's plenty of food in the house, even with all
these teen-age boys/young men, so I'll enjoy a few days off
to quilt, read and relax. I did have the chance to take a
short nap on the sofa in the early afternoon.

We had fun opening presents this morning and I had the
Christmas CDs playing most of the day. I was happy to get my
natural light lamp for my quilt frame. Gavin received a
special gift from Jessica-- a guitar with an instruction
book! She came for Christmas dinner too.

Gavin bought his brothers a video of Life with Brian so
they're going to watch that this evening. Me? I'm going to
bed early with a quilt and a cat! John is working graveyard
shift tonight and is quite happy about it as they pay triple
pay for working Christmas.

It's been a very long, abeit very pleasant, day! Hope you
all had a very Merry Christmas!