Another lost soul

Caste Shadows
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2001-12-26 00:44:38 (UTC)


Well I am throughly dissapointed... Taylor wasn't there.
She wasn't there... I should have known... its just my luck
that she wouldn't be. Right as we were leaving, we passed
by her car... I knew we shouldn't have gone so early...

I just sat there on a couch the whole time I was there. It
was a breakfast thing. I didn't want to eat until Tay got
there. So I waited for over an hour and then we had to go.
I didn't eat a thing and I didn't get to see Tay. We left
just as they were coming... dammit. Not a very merry
Christmas for me. Now I'm just sad. It happens
everytime... when I start to feel happy again, when I get a
chance to see Tay again... it all blows up in my face. She
is my world...

Its hard when people call you their best friend and then
never talk to you. Whenever I see Tiff, she never talks
much. She talks a lot to other people, but not so much to
me. Why is that? Same with Whitney... am I that hard to
talk to? I don't understand it... and it makes me doubt our
friendships. And sometimes I ask about it and they tell me
that without a doubt I am a close friend. All I'm good for
is cheering them up when they're down. And the times we
talk the most is when I need cheering up. Taylor never
leaves me though. When she's around, she never leaves me.
She's the best. I love her so much.

I envy those of you who get to spend Christmas with your
special someone... think about how lucky you are. Don't
take it for granted. Night.