Rough Times.
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2001-12-26 00:43:08 (UTC)

My Life (Thus Far).

My name is Jennifer-I prefer being called Jenny or Jen. I
live in Wisconsin where I attend a wonder public school (I
am a Junior). My life is not normal. I've attempted
suicide, got in a car accident, and recently got caught
stealing. My parents fight all the time and I think I'm
going mad! I have one brother, Jon, who's home from
college and an annoying S.O.B. I will write in this diary
often (hopefully)-I do have a diary over at Open Diary
which is a great place (oh..a shameles plug!). I'm single
and I'm feeling like I'm a worthless bitch...stay tuned for
more of the epic of "JENNY"........I like kidding around
too if you haven't noticed!

Take care!


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