the writing of kuypers
2001-04-09 13:17:08 (UTC)

Against My Will

Against My Will

August 10, 1999

There have been so many times
Where I have been raped

Not that some man
Some quote unquote man
Had physically held me down
Has forced himself inside me
Against my will

That way is just to obvious

Not the "someone tried
To beat me up" thing
Because that is old news

If you have done the research I have
If you have gone through what I have
If you have lived the life that I have

You know
I should be above this
I should be a feminist
With a capital fucking F

I guess with that in mind
I should not mind the cat calls
Or the whistles

Or the fact that the word "woman"
Is the word "man"
With a couple of letters tacked on

Like how "she is "he" with an "s"

Like we're an extension of them

Or the fact that men
First look at me
By looking at my breasts
And not my eyes

I should be aware
That a woman with power
Instills fear
And a woman with power in a company
Can still be demoted outside of the company
Where she can still be down-played

I can handle the jokes
About being a blond
Or being dumb
Or being both
I can hear the line
Always said insultingly
That we HAVE to be irrational
Because we are so damn emotional

I mean
How can you trust something
That bleeds for five days every month
And doesn't die?

If they want to brush off
Everything that makes us strong
If they say we can not hold a job
We will just depend on you for money
And work on our OWN jobs
On our OWN time
And stash enough away for our OWN little nest-egg

And how much money
are you boys going to have
when it comes to the end of your family line?
How much of a life
are you boys going to have
when it comes to the end of your family line?
How much happiness?

* Note that "Feminist with a capital F" is from a poem by
Joanna Marshall. Also note that "End of your family line" is
is reference to "The End of The Family Line" by Steven