the writing of kuypers
2001-04-09 13:16:47 (UTC)

Because There's Nothing To Tell

Because There's Nothing To Tell

September 19, 1999

This is how they kill me
this is how they do it to me
this is how i die

I'm tired of being so much like you
and I'm tired of having
so many differences with you

which part of me has to die
to keep things alive with us

you should know me by now
and you should know what I'm asking
when I ask a question

don't you know me by now?

so thank you for point out
that the answer is always "no"
and thank you for killing just another little part of me

people do that to me all the time anyway

you wonder what is wrong
when I seem unhappy
and I tell you "nothing"
and I dont mean "nothing"
but I tell you nothing
because there's nothing to tell
because I'm almost dead anyway

I was just getting used to this "me" thing
and now there's this "us" thing
which really boils down to this "you" thing
because, Hell, there's no "me" anymore

isn't that what you wanted anyway

people have been killing me all this time
and maybe they won