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2001-12-26 00:00:04 (UTC)


YAY! It is Christmas Day, and so far it's been ok. Jerry
came over at 7:30 AM to watch me open my
how many guys can you find to do THAT for you??? Not many.
Well, I got some clothes, jewelry, baby stuff, chocolates,
hair stuff, good smelly stuff....I had a good Christmas.
Jerry wrote me the sweetest poem. I read it, and then I
cried after he left to go home for a while. He is such a
sweetheart, I can't believe my luck to have someone like
him. He also got me some Scooby Doo bubble bath! :D I'm
gonna take a loooooooong bubble bath tomorrow, and Jerry
says he is gonna give it to me! :) I look forward to that.
Well, I went to my Aunt Terry's house for Christmas dinner,
and the whole family was there. It is great to have my
family all together, but I felt bad because Jerry wanted to
go home so bad and he couldn't and I know he wanted to be
with his family. :( But I try hard to keep his mind off
the sad stuff, but sometimes he just has to be alone....I
understand though. I finally gave him the poems I have
been saving...I think there was about 8 or so total. He
has always wondered why I wouldn't let him near my notebook
and he knows. And every time I write one, I
will give it to him to put with the others. I think gifts
from the heart are more precious than gifts money can buy.
Yes, it is nice to have material things, but I love his
poem more than any other gift I got. Well, I am going to
go check my mail and do other stuff....LATAZ

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