the writing of kuypers
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2001-04-09 13:16:28 (UTC)



September 2, 1999

Change is supposed to be a good thing
And I think I just have to
Think about it contrelely
And consider the good and the bad

I mean, what could potentially be wrong?
That I may not know people
And I know people here
But they never call
And they never write
And they probably never think of me

So what difference would that make

So what could potentailly be wrong?
There might not be the same culture there
And it might not be easy for me to get what I need
From the grocery store
And there might not be a restaurant I want

And he tells me that winters that aren't freezing cold
And summers that aren't unpleasantly warm

I remember loving summers
Because, I think, I didn't have to be in class then

But I think I like springs and falls now
Because it's not too hot or too cold then
It's just right

And maybe this change would be just right
And maybe the summers won't be so hot
And maybe the winters won't be so cold
And maybe change is good