My Life, Boring As It May Be
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2001-12-25 23:36:47 (UTC)

Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time :)

This may be my best christmas ever, especially when
compared to last years christmas eve-eve fiasco. I got tons
of stuff from my parents, and the best gift (aside from the
planer ticket to florida) is my electric blanket. WOOHOO.
Now if only I could settle down with the right guy... I
have a very big concern on my mind right now (not related
to me) and i do not want to express it alound, but please
pray that it is resolved. Thanks.
Back to guys. This stupid situation does not seem to want
to be resolving itself. Grrr....... Well, we'll see. Buysy
times ahead. Plans with Maria Beth and John. And who could
forget NYE II?? We are going ot bring down the Mehltretter
house ;) Anyhoo, I gotta go. Merry Christmas all:):)
Love lots,