Sorting out my head
2001-12-25 23:10:52 (UTC)

I wish it could be Christmas everyday!

I wish it could be Christmas everyday. Not!
Christmas day is one of the most eagerly awaited days of
the year, yet when it comes it is such a HUGE let-down!
Had a good selection of presents. Got a cd player, alarm
clock, couple of books etc.
Started the day, hoping this Christmas would be the best
Christmas ever. Boy, how wrong I was. By midday, had given
up on that idea.
Christmas dinner was one huge stuff-your-face session. I
arranged the table neatly, deciding where every1 would sit.
Every1 ignored me and sat totally where they liked.
In the evening, watched telly but nothing managed 2 make
me laugh. Only 1 good thing on in the whole evening.
Rounded off a disastrous day by having a fight with my