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2001-12-25 22:43:54 (UTC)


HELL YEAH! Another disappointing ending :( It's cool
though because the time will come. Okay, today is X-mas!!!!
Let me stop acting like it's that great. I mean, I'm happy
to have family around me and friends also. I'm happy to be
alive. Am I happy with the stuff I got.....hell no! I
didn't get too much of anything. I know I shouldn't be
acting like this, but.......hell, I don't know. My New
Year's Resolution for 2002(YEA!!!!!!!!)is going to be for
me to be thankful for all things. I know I've been a big
brat about things this year. It seems more this year than
before. I don't know why that is, but I've complained a lot
this year.(My brother says I'm a drama queen) I mean, look
at all that I have. I have a mother who breaks her neck to
make sure her daughter has the things that she needs....and
sometimes doesn't need. I have brothers who urk the hell
out of me, but they always make me laugh. I have
Jarez.....someone who I know I treat wrongly at times, but
he makes sure I'm always on point with stuff. He never lets
me go anywhere half-stepping. Then, I have good people
around me. I have people who go out there way to make me
laugh. I have people who make me feel like THA SHIT when I
feel like shit. So......I'm thankful! There are a lot of
things out there that I do want, but I won't complain. If
it was meant for me to have them.....I'll get them in due

Okay, enough of that! Okay, the game(NORTHSIDE vs.
PARKVIEW) Alright, Leroy did go to the game with me and
Dee. It was just the 3 of us, which was cool. I didn't have
as much fun as I thought I was going to have**wink of the
eye**, but it was cool. I SAW MY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew
for sure that I wasn't going to see him because of all the
people that turned out for the game. But when we were
leaving to go out the gate.......I SAW MY PEA-HEAD!!!!!!!!!
(ALL SMILES) It's always been like that with him though. In
some kind of odd way, we meet up. Man, I got a hug from
him, Derek, Willie, and Sipp. Oh yeah, Sipp asked me why I
didn't give him my number. HA! Kellen saw who Leroy was. I
had to tell him that me and Leroy were not at the
game "like that". No one seems to understand that(the way
me and Leroy are) I SAW MY BABY, I SAW MY KMIL, I SAW
KELLEN!!!!!!!!!!! I was happy. Too bad I didn't see him
again that nite. Aight, Leroy....reason I need to take a
cold shower. LOL....should a female be sounding like this?
Ummmm......well, I visited him today. How many babies do I
have? Let me add him to the list, even though he's been on
it since day one! I like how goofy he is. I like the way he
smiles when he's doing something stupid. Awwwww, I just
want to photograph that moment forever. He's my baby. I got
all these dudes who are my babies. I love them to death. I
can talk to them and be around them all day. I guess that's
why I can't be someone's girlfriend. I would never give up
my guy friends. NEVER!