mark my words
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2001-12-25 22:26:16 (UTC)

pre-christmas fun

I have tried to write this fucking entry soo many times but
every time I'm almost done my mom comes downstairs and I
have to X it out because if she sees that I took a train to
Philly and went clubbing with my girls, I am in deeeep
shit. She thinks I was at KC's house for a nice evening of
pre-Christmas festivities. But that's the basics of the
story. I went clubbing with my girls, had a fucking
amazing time, and ended up stranded. We got a ride home,
and were all home only a few hours after curfew, and NOBODY
got in trouble, but still. Crazy shit. We almost got
raped, murdered, and beat up quite a few times.
Most notably, Christina fell down some steps in the L
station. Three HUGE black girls started to laugh at her.
Christina doesn't take well to being laughed at, so she
goes "Just shut the fuck up." The girls stopped laughing
but were like, "What did you say?" She goes, "I
said shut the fuck up." The girls went apeshit and
were screaming profanities and threats from across the
train tracks. Thank god they couldn't cross those tracks
or we seriously would have been dead.
Mom just came downstairs AGAIN but this time I clicked submit and am
now just editing the entry to add more.
The club was awesome. I've been to a couple clubs before but this
was the first time I was with my girls and really getting into it.
There were so many hotties to dance with, I loved it. And it was
perfectly cool that I was wearing a halter top in there in the middle
of winter, which I love, just because I hate winter clothes. Next
time I go, I'm going to get really decked out, because we only had a
few minutes to get ready. I wore a bronze sparkly halter top that
was held up by a gold necklace that threaded through the hem ($5 at
Wet Seal!) and my best best pants which are extremely tight stretchy
jeans that, I have been told, make my ass look absolutely amazing
($125). For this Sunday when we go again, I have a pair of size zero
Gap jeans that are way too tight but if I don't eat all week they
should fit okay. My hair and makeup job sucked though, I just put it
in a really high ponytail with a bunch of curls all over the place,
and I just put bronzey shadow on my lids with tiny cat eyes. But I
did that at the train station looking into a compact mirror so it
looked awful.
For next week, hmm, I don't know what I'll wear. I'm thinking this
denim halter top that shows my belly, plus the jeans I was just
writing about. That would look really cool. I hope the two denims
match because if they don't the outfit isn't as great as I thought it
would be... but that sounds like a cool outfit to wear... I think I'm
settled on it.
Christmas sucks when you're Jewish.
We're going to get Chinese food soon ,the highlight of my day, then
Lindsay MIGHT sleep over if she gets home from her grandma's soon.
If she doesn't she'll come over tomorrow, because I'm getting LONELY!
Okay, going to go get my Chinese...