Don Juan

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2001-12-25 21:44:48 (UTC)


I don't think I like Christmas too much anymore... I think
it's a childish thing meant for kids and/or people who
haven't ever seen the 'real world.' I just don't see a
reason in it anymore. Sure... people are a little nicer at
this time of the year, but I see that as sad. Shouldn't
people be nice the whole year? I try to be nice and
understanding the whole year, I know that's kinda hard to
believe if you've read all of my entries... but it's true.
I'm not that bad a guy. That's why I don't change much
around this time of the year. People who do I think are
contradicting theirselves... if you're mean and grouchy all
year and you are happy and giving at christmas, aren't you
really lying to yourself? I hate lyers... that's the one
thing in this world that I can't understand doing.
Although I know I have, and most likely will in the
future... I'm discusted with myself every time I do it.
And people that lie to themselves are the worst, why lie to
yourself? I don't understand those people.