the writing of kuypers
2001-04-09 13:15:20 (UTC)

White Picket Fence

White Picket Fence

June 28, 1999

White picket fence
that is what I wanted

did I expect to almost lose my life
did I expect to find the right guy
at every corner turn
did I expect to be alone
and feel alone

did I expect to live life this way

I wanted a dog
and at another point in my life
I was sure it was a cat I wanted

now I will settle for the fish tank

just drop some food
into the damn aquarium
and leave it at that

what am i supposed to do
who am i supposed to be
what am i supposed to get

am i even supposed to get anything?

where do I learn all of these characters from
where do I learn all of these roles from

I think we all know the answers
to these questions
if we care to think about it