my life (as told by me)
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2001-12-25 20:23:30 (UTC)


it's the 25th! and my christmas has gone well so far.
yesterday was a busy day for me. me and my dad went out and
finished up our christmas shopping, so i was gone most of
the day. and then we came home, only to leave about half an
hour later to go to church. the service was really nice,
and the sermon was beautiful. and then i came home and got
to eat spagetti. and then i opened up a present from my
older brother....IT WAS HANNIBAL! :-D and i watched some of
it last nite til the stupid ps2 stopped reading the dvd.
so i watched the rest today. it's a good movie. and brain
eating! lol that was good. and i got rush hour 2 from my
lil brother. it's hilarious. and i got a bunch of horsey
stuff. lol. obviously i like horses. lol. and later today,
i get to go to my grandma's for HAM DINNER! i love
ham....mmmmmmmmmm i can just taste it now. and my dad got
turkey joints, which i've eaten most already. and tm, i get
to go to see my other
grandparents. meaning....MORE PRESENTS. lol...and...MORE
FOOD! i love the food. i think that's what i live for.
hehe. food and family...and stuff. i get a kick out of it
all. oh and the wine, etc. lol. hm, what else is new...
nothing at all. lol. well, heading out to grandma's for din
din now. :-D fooooood. oh, my knee is still fucked up. i
have to go to the orthopedics soon....stupid knee. grrrr!