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2001-12-25 18:33:02 (UTC)


OK, so the same report goes both on my BLOG and on my
diary, so it
doesn't matter where you read it. I'd still visit my BLOG,
in case you're reading this on the diary on Christmas, coz
I've posted
a lot of new messages on it. I've also replied to my
Elfwood comments,
and my latest Guestbook entries; and I did most of that
this morning
(or at least it looked like morning...), coz I'm bored
I know, I'm still late with my mail replying, and I got
loads of new
guest art for my site, which I haven't posted (I declare
myself guilty);
so, how you all been doin'? Did Santa get you what you
After dinner last night, we decided to start opening the
presents right
away, coz either way, we always finish that quite late (and
were getting quite sleepy...I guess it's the turkey).
I can't even begin to tell you how many Harry Potter new
stuff I have
now...of course, I also got other things, but anyway, Harry
Potter was the
main 'theme' for last night.
Funny, hey, coz I didn't ask for anything for this
Christmas, except for
the HP Play Station game (which I don't have now, coz I
decided to order
it from Amazon.com, since it was either sold out, or the
stores I went to
didn't carry it...I don't quite think it's the latter, coz
HP stuff sold very well this
year: everybody bought HP merchandise! It's amazing...wow).
But this year, I didn't ask for anything, really; in
fact, I found
endless pleasure in getting presents for other people. I
even bought presents
for College friends! First time I've ever done that. And it
was like out of nowhere.
(Wow, that book about the virtues of St. Francis is really
paying off!)

Anyway, after I gave away all the presents I bought, and
all the presents
others bought for each other, I realized I still had my
presents, so I opened them.
Fair & square, there they were: 90% of my loot was HP
Of course, I got clothes, and makeup, and 2 new carry cases
(2!), and lotsa candy, and art supplies,
and all that, too (like every year), but still, I got a new
purse (Harry
Potter potions purse), the collectible card game by
Wizards, the movie soundtrack
with the CD-rom, a spoon and a fork (mom thought they
were 'cute', so she got 'em
for me...don't get me wrong, I mean, I think they're cute
too; I just didn't think
MOM would get 'em for me); and guess what, I also got HP
bed sheets!

I also got wacky socks. I love wacky socks. And other
things that I prefer not to mention, since this report's
beginning to bore me to death.

I still need my HP PS game, and I'm good to go.

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