Blood and Chocolate
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2001-12-25 18:09:56 (UTC)

gifts !

hey everyone
sup? not much here! well i just opened all my gifts! Over
all it was a pretty good christmas even though I didn't get
one thing I asked for! and ok this sounds really spoiled
and like I am not thankful for what I did get (i am
thankful for what i did get i am really i am ) but ok, I
only asked for a guitar for christmas that was the only
thing i asked for ,right?! yeah but guess who gets a
guitar my brother, and he didn't even want one!!!!! he
doesn't even know how to play and he got a brand new
acustic (sp?) guitar!!!!!!! He didn't even ask for it !
and he got a cell phone,new furniture , dvd player and all
this other stuff ! I got a few shirts , $100 in cash , a
diamond and ruby braclet from my grandma(so beautiful! :)!)
, tickets to see Barenaked Ladies with my brother and a book! thats
it !I just urg am a lil upset about the fact that i didn't get a
guitar which was the only thing i asked for ! and to make things
worse i am sick! :( ! not like a cold like headaches, sore throught
(sp? i can't spell for the life of me today! ) and dizzy spells! ick!
atleast there is snow here! but i hope i get better cause i have a
bitch load of voice lessons and if i can't sing i am screwed for jan!
well i gotta blaze!
luv ya
merry christmas

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