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life of a porn star
2001-12-25 17:25:59 (UTC)

jingle bells batman smells.....

today is christmas. yesterday i worked all day but it was
rather fun. i worked with holly and phil. i think i have a
crush on phil but he is only 15 lol. he is realy cute
though. then i came home and sat with my family and watched
a christms movie. and then i went to sleep. then i woke up.
then i opened my presants. i didnt get too much this year.
but im kinda glad bc ususally get a lot of junk. i got a
sweater,hat, scarf, gloves, and two gift certifrricates. oh
yeah and i got money. so i guess i did pretty good. last
night jared emailed me. he wished me a mery christmas and
invited me to his party on saturday. i think i want to go
but i dont really like him ne more-at least more than a
friend. ok here is a confession. two nighs ago i was really
bored so i wrote a sex story. it was very creative haha.
mabey i will include it in another entry sometime. i havnt
talked to greg lately i said hi online ect but that was it.
tonight i go to my grandmas house-thats where i get most of
the goods haaha. i wonder wha matt is doing today, and tom,
jared and phil. bahahaha gtg peace out like a trout!