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2001-04-09 13:13:38 (UTC)

Til the Fear In Me Subsides

Til the Fear In Me Subsides

October 29, 1999

I can't say I know what you've gone through
That would only trivalize it
and I wouldn't do that to us

But when a person goes through what you have
Well, you seem to brush it off
Until you come to me crying

They called you Elvira Doe in the hospital
Because they couldn't find your identity
And your belongings were stuck under the seat

And your family wonders why when you were unconsciuos
They had to remove your clothes
That your family couldn't find a bra

Hell, I don't know if they took it or if
You just weren't wearing one
You can't remember, either

They called you miracle girl in the hospital
Because no one thought you would live
And just to spite them, you did

Other doctors examined your records
Who didn't even know you
Just to check on your progress

And you like to brush off everything,
Say that you can do everything
You never let people know when something hurts

You just got contacts for your eyes
The doctors said they fit fine
That is when you told me about your hospital time

Three skull fractures is worse than
Having a broken leg
I'll break every other bone first

Medical staff watched when your skull reset itself
to make sure your one eye was okay
because one eye could be damaged from it

And you know, I never wanted to tell you this,
But that scared me
And I wanted to know

That the eye doctors now
thought that your eyes were fine

I don't want to scare you with these details
Because I can't say I know what you've gone through
but, for me, well,

It still scares me to hear the details
And I still want to know when things are okay
And you are that much closer to better