My life as Trick
2001-12-25 16:49:53 (UTC)

Ahh... the holidays

I think more than any other holiday, I really do not like

Yes, I enjoy the time spent hoarding interesting trinkets
from other people (I KNEW these coasters were just for
you) and the interactions that I have with 48 strangers
at an aquaintence's party.

These are not just sarcastic remarks. These are spiteful
sarcastic remarks.

Unfortunately, these wind up being the extent of the
interactions that I enjoy during the Christmas holiday

A few years back, my mother and father were divorced.
Both remarried within 2 years (6 mos for my father, but
I'm not bitter. Really.) and have been building up new
traditions within their new families. When that
happened, all of the traditions that we had built up over
the past 2-3 decades fell apart.

My mother now goes off with her husband; my father with
his wife. My sister and grandmother usually wind up
with my brother-in-law's family, and I wind up sitting on
the couch with Bob Barker and Jack Daniels, debating
on whether I want to have extra butter on my popcorn or

My mother insists every year that I attend Christmas
with her, but that's not really feasible.

I would know her, of course, and I'm pretty familiar with
her husband, but he has 4-5 children who are all
married and have 2-4 children of their own.

I might as well just go to the new couple next door and
ask if I can re-live my Christmases vicariously through

Now I know that Christmas is a time for family, and that
they have to spend that time with the people that they
see on a daily basis or their lives will be miserable for
a week or two, but I wish that my "turn" at celebrating
the holidays didnt have to happen on Dec.14. Or Dec.
27. Or whenever they can decide that it would be okay
to not make their mates unhappy and they can get

So I sit here typing this, wondering what they are doing,
and I have Bob in the background screaming that
Agnes has just won $1000 on the big wheel, and that
she will be in the showcase after these

Ahh... Bob is here...
And Jack is downstairs...
And I've got plenty butter...

Feels like Christmas.