Uday's freedom of thought
2001-12-25 16:28:52 (UTC)

what's going on?

Yeah...what's going on? I keep thinking about the time
when I was so involved in all kinds of activities. I was
so enthusiatic about painting, collages and clay pottery.
Now I just havent got myself to even start any of these
projects. I think I really need to push myself to get to
make something creative...it brings a whole new meaning to
the word satisfaction.

Saw "monsters inc." yesterday...that's one helluva cute
movie. The guys at Pixar animations have done an excellent
job with the little girl in the movie....funny and really
cute! Been listening to a lot of music...kid rock, the
who, nirvana...just anything I can get hold of online with
a crummy dial up connection. If I had the money of bill
gates...i would declare dial up connections
illegal....wait, I would have to be president for
that...okay okay, let me correct that last statement...if
I were the PRESIDENT, I would declare dial ups
illegal...think I really need to put my mind to something

I have never got myself to learn any kind of music
instrument...at the same time, I keep thinking about the
present jobs and hobbies that I have to complete before I
get to learn something like that...time management and
me....2 sides of a coin! Couple of days more and I'll be
typing out my new year resolutions. I know that time
management is going to be one of them...its been that way
for quite a few new years now. Maybe this time.....

Till next time....ciao

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