DayDream Believer
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2001-12-25 14:59:17 (UTC)

He loves me!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, on Christmas eve when everyone else was sleeping
I sat im my bed drinking and send a message to Chris and
I got one back from Chris, answerd it but he diddnt send
me a new one so I finished my drink and turned off the
light to sleep.
But then I got a message on my phone from S* and we
sendt each other some messages borfore HE CALLED ME!!!
He havent done that on mounths!!!
I was so glad, we talked about all and nothing like we used
to, I was so happy, best christmas gift this year.
So we talked for more than two hours, and then at about
2:30 I went so sleep. But fridt I sendt Chris a new
message, he did answer it, but then I was asleep.

Cant belive S* called me on christmas eve, that gotta
mean something right?
He even said that he might come and see me tonight, Help!!!
WOW, Im dreaming, I gotta be dreaming.
Im gonna tell you all about our converstaion later, now I
have problems to sit still, I`ve been dancing around the
house all day and a bit yestarday night.

Lots of christmas love from Angel