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2001-12-25 14:56:11 (UTC)


okay since i didn't get a chance to go online and update
this yesterday I'll do it for yesterday first:

okay I woke up late and watched t.v. for most all the day
and my parents were at work and patrick was watching tv
with me...then micheal and chris came over and then they
left and then me and patrick went outside and walked around
the block and talked about random things.

then we went back over to micheal and chris' house later
and told them to come out and then we were gonna go over to
britt's house to get something but he was home so we went
over there and rang his doorbell and he came to the
door...and we stood in the front and talked for a little
bit and then he went inside and we left and then he came
back outside and skateboarded for a while and micheal and
patrick went up on some guys roof on britt's street and got
this nerf boomerang looking thing and we like threw it
around on britt's street by the canal behind chris' house's
woods...while britt skated at his house and then it kept
getting stuck in the trees so we went in front of micheal
and chris' house but then it got stuck on the house and so
we just talked for a little bit until dave got back home..

then we went back home and they were like oh yeah you guys
can go to the movies tonight - - on x-mas eve - - and then
dave brought us and got some mcdonalds i got a chicken
sandwich but it was too peppery...and then we were like oh
yeah were gonna invite people to come with us...

and we were going to the cheap-o little movie theater in
palm coast....and we called all of our friend's and they
were all doing stuff except britt and patrick's we invited both of them to come and britt
rode with us to the movie theater...and patrick's
girlfriend was gonna get a ride from her dad...and when
britt came over our parents kept giving him our
little kitten like it was his or something or like we were
trying to get rid of it...and then we left to go to the

and of course since those stupid people are idiots they
weren't even fucking we rode up there and there
were other people waiting also...and it doesn't even say on
the message at all that they're closed but it says on the
door they're open on x-mas day...who the fuck is gonna go
then...we wanted to go now dumb asses! so we looked for his
gf but we didn't see her and then dave brought us back home
and then me and britt and patrick watched the matrix on dvd
at our house...because we had borrowed it from eric who is
gone now...and I had never seen that movie before...and
then micheal came over and watched it with us too...then
britt's mom called at like 9 or something and told him to
come home so he left and we finished the movie and then i
went to bed...

now on to today...

it's only 9:47 right now but i still have a lot to tell.
I woke up once at 4 something and then tried to go back to
sleep and then woke back up at like 7...then i woke up
patrick and we went and looked at our present to try and
figure out what they were before we got to open them....and
then we watched some saved by the bell until they woke
up...and well I know you just want to know what i got...or
at least that's just what I want to tell so I'll just tell
you what i got.!!!!

Well you all I know I was gonna get my class's
sooo pertah...and nothing is wrong with's got a
pretty pink stone to i love it!!!
and then i got a pink watch which I needed a new watch
because my old one broke.. i got the josie and the
pussycats vhs tape....which i wanted since it first came
out!! I got a new portable cd playa it's not too shabby
but it takes 4 batteries which sucks...then i got some
shampoo and some razors and shaving cream as gag gifts..but
it's herbal essence so I'm gonna have an organic experience
in a few here!!! then opened up my first cd and it was the
pink cd...which is a fucking awesome cd every single song
on that album is good...misundastood..then i opened up my
second cd and it was the QUEEN cd and i was like FUCK
yeah...i tottaly didn't expect it and I'm listening to it
now and it kicks sooo much ass I love queen and I told my
mom I wanted's the classics of their songs.. and I
love it soooo much freddie mercury is such a great singer,
man i wish i lived back then so i could have seen them in

woah...then i opened up my brother's cd that he got
me..even though i knew it was gonna be No Doubt's new
cd...i was still excited to hold it in my hot little
hands...gwen stefani is soooooo pertah and her voice is
awesome also...i was excited I didn't listen to all of that
cd yet so I can't tell you how much I love it yet tho..heh!
Then I started opening this box that I thought was a chair
for my room because the one I'm sitting in now ( a computer
chair) sucks ass ...anyone of you who's ever sat in it will
know what the hell I'm talking about....but it was heavy as
hell...and when I opened it it was a stereo system's soooo cool and big and shiny..hah! it has a 5
disk changer thing and has this thing in the bottom on it
to hold you other cd's....but the best part of the
remote control...mostly because I'm soo fucking lazy and it
has a sleeping thing on it my other boombox thing I had was
majorly jacked up...the cd player was broken on it and it
started getting touchy so you couldn't just leave it to
play music you had to be around it...

I'm soo happy about all my gifts...from everybody they are
cool and awesome and every other great word out there..!!
and nobody else is online now because they are celebrating
and stuff but I have to leave at like 12 or something to go
to my cousin's in orange county (a little past daytona) for
christmas dinner...!

I wonder what everybody else got?!?!..patrick got his game
cube and this tony hawk dude that's remote control that you
can move to do skateboarding's huge...and kinda
scary but I think it was expensive because my parents were
making sure he liked it...hah!

okay I"m done for now...I'll talk/type to you later

I love you alllllllllllllll!!! merry x-mas and other
holidays..! haha!