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2001-12-25 10:25:59 (UTC)

Happy Birthday - not a dream in a perfect night

My birthday is on Christmas no way to pretend in missing.
Or I never make one year older because Xmas is priority.
Or impossible to forget my birthday or let it pass in blank.
Monday afternoon, a perfect day in my City. I was in public
transportation stop at my home town. Three transport to
uptown came. I may take them. So I could go to center and
get some gift for my friend Mel. Afternoon she was with some
tough friend. Evening she was going to a party of her
parents. Instead of giving her a parfum I gave an aluminun
and steel arrow as in a dream. If I would go to center
I could gave her a parfume. But I had gone to nearest town
and there is not that parfume anymore.
Let see today what means that last dream I had today.
I was in cinema watching Pokemons. Cinema is ever a good
dream. Mel tough boyfriend she fought with him. Good for me.
All toughs was pushed by some little girl in my home town.
I think that people hates Mel to get her one bandit after
a playboy just to she never get a good people as me. Yes
I am. I had a Petcat and cared it so good I could. Maybe
that little girl thinks I be for her. But she is proud to
do not anything about it. But to confuse my beloved Mel.
Well I will say the truth to my friend Mel. We never get
right because I was waiting for some absolute truth and
she had many false friends.
Merry Xmas because we all needed it.

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