The Mind Of Me
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2001-12-25 10:13:15 (UTC)

xmas wishes

Merry Xmas to all of you out there in cyberworld.

Well, santa (aka my family) was kind to me this year.
I got my disco ball, which scared the shit outta my 1.5
year old couosin and hypnotised my 3year old cousin. I got
a Mr Potato head which was totally awsome cause i've
allways wanted one but neva had one. I got Pentel pens in
every colour, 48 watercolour pencils and a set of metallic
ones too from my father and a diary from him too. My
grandmother gave me a Buffy calender which rocks, cause i
was trying to find one for ages, and a box of scorched
almonds which my 3yo cousin helped me eat. My sister gave
me some earrings with faireys on them...kewl silver ones.
My mum got me a casio baby-G watch and a 101 dalmations
top. it looks soooo cool.
Apart from being chief slave all day and getting playdoh,
chocolate and baby drool in my hair, the day was
uneventful. The whole family was here, and after the kids
rolled atround in the paper for a while, everyone went
home. Sweet.

I know what santa gave me for xmas...a boyfriend. He's
cute, funny, and likes me heaps. which is good.
i'm seeing him on New Years Eve...he's been dared to do
sumfing my my frined...but he won't tell me what...oh well.

6 days till NYE,
12 days till i go to jamboree.
4 months till my birthday