My Thoughts and Dreams
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2001-04-09 10:35:04 (UTC)

Stop and Smell the Roses

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. The sun has not shown so
brightly all year. Maybe it was because for the first time
since I have lived in this state (2 weeks) I am finally not
sick. Maybe it was because it finally warmed up a little
bit to go outside and enjoy the beautiful view of the
mountains and the lake. Maybe it was because I gave all of
my worries to God and let them go. Maybe it was a
combination of all of the above. When I awoke yesterday
morning I got my morning coffee and headed outside. The
warm breeze coming off the lake felt wonderful. The stars
were slowly fading and the sun was just beginning to rise
over the water. I closed my eyes and slowly inhaled the
sweet smell of the day. For the first time in a long time I
felt really alive. The tiny purple and yellow flowers were
blooming all over the yard. The fish were jumping in the
lake. And the morning fog was rising from the mountain. For
once, I noticed that the grass seemed greener. The flowers
seemed more colorful. The lake seemed more calm. I took a
moment to look around and thank God for all of the
beautiful things He has given us. I realized that we take
so much for granted. If we take just a moment of our time
each day to stop and look around at the animals, the grass,
the flowers, the water, all of a sudden it makes all of the
violence and the other terrible things in this world seem
to vanish. For a brief moment as I sat out on my patio
enjoying the view, I almost forgot about the fighting and
the violence in this world. Everything was so peaceful and
refreshing. Perhaps if we all took a moment out of our day
to stop and actually look around at all of the beautiful
things that God has given us, we could become more
peaceful. More thankful. Nicer to other people. Maybe it is
all just one of this writer's fantasies. World peace can't
exist, right? Or can it?