Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2001-12-25 10:11:58 (UTC)

...and what have we done?

Well, oddly enough, as I sit here on Christmas day,
everything seems to be falling into place, everything
working out well, and everything in its right place.

I wasn't expecting it, as you all starte
yesterday night, which was very much different to my
expectation, although better for it. I'm used to being part
of the youth contingent as families meet up; its to be
expected, I suppose, but yesterday I didn't feel as shunned
as I am used to. Maybe because other people's families find
it easier to accept me, maybe they're willing to make the
effort to listen to what I say, whichever, it was very
welcome, and wonderful fun. (I apologise for how camp those
last two words sounded).

As was the glass of port to finish the evening; sweetest
heaven itself.

Of course, on my arrival home, everything went pear-shaped.
I saw in Christmas morning, having listened to This Old
Heart Of Mine by The Isley Brothers (nice); sat looking out
at the night, with blood pouring from my nose, a mug of hot
vimto, and Total Eclipse Of The Heart by Bonnie Tyler on
repeat. Not the best way, I don't feel. Anyway, I'm over it
now, I've 200-ish words done (I want 1500-2000 by the end
of the day, so I'm happy with that) and my mum's left me
here now.

She even gave me (loud. And painful) presents, which
although appreciated, not at 8 o'clock in the morning
please! I don't know. It seems such a battle. I feel I won,
though, today.

WILT?(My Iron Lung EP) The Trickster - Radiohead