Mismatched thoughts of a Virgo
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2001-12-25 08:57:52 (UTC)

Ive been ignoring my fans ;_;

These past days have been great for me. I have a new pet
rat whos name is prounced Tear-a which my mom cant seem to
grasp and keeps calling her Tiara. I also bought her a rat
ball which right now is to big for her since she is just a
baby but she will grow into it. Right now shes afraid of it
and if i put her in it she considers it a toliet, which is
a hassle to clean out. I also have my own phone line and
number now so im happy. Now my freinds can call at 3a.m.
without me getting in trouble for it. Would i be considered
a grinch if i didnt buy any preasnts for anyone but my rat?
I spelled presants wrong and i did it again... oh well haha!
I have a new boyfreind i think... im not honestly sure. I
do love him, but im not sure how he honestly feels back. He
is very very sweet and kind and cute and says he loves me
but im not really sure so its akward. He says his feelings
are true though so ill trust him but alot of people said
that kind of thing then turned psyco or they never ment it
and there are some people who say it and now i dont want to
tell them i have a boyfreind because it would make them
sad... what do i do ;_;

I lost my train of thought and i have no clue what to write
about all i know is that i cant let my dog, cats, or
brothers snake eat Tear-a shes my baby and i would have to
kill whoever eats her... i will protect you tear-a!!!


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