The jerk files
2001-12-25 08:43:56 (UTC)

Good Day! IT's Christmas

I just HAD to write figuring as it's Christmas and
all. Today was a super day. I woke up and went to my friend
Vanessa's house to give her and her family their presents
for Christmas. I got there and gave them to the family. It
went really good. I took my presents and my siblings
presents back home and just had a great Christmas eve. My
mom's family came over. Which was a great accomplishment
figuring usually everyone hates someone in each family. So
it was good. We had Turkey, ham, smashed potatoes, corn,
bread, salad and stuffing w/gravy. I am full. I hadn't
eaten all day.
For christmas eve i got some pajama pants,
undershirts, underwear,(ewww) a nike hooded sweater, a
bible and a Detachable CD face for my car. It was really a
good Christmas eve. It was the best one so far in my life
for the fact, well, it just is. There have been some major
changes in my life this year. One in particular but i won't
say just yet. It's really the best kept secret ever. We
will see soon enough.
As you read this, i hope you had the best Christmas
ever. I know i will. Merry Christmas everyone.