Work in Progress
2001-04-09 09:47:11 (UTC)

the truth behind the theatrics

Color of the moment: Fog
Emotion of the moment: Sideways

It should probably have become clear to those that read
entry #1 that I am somewhat emotionally theatrical.

Indeed, I am, because that has often been the only way I
have kept myself alive. My therapist told me the reason I
act is because I am more comfortable in anyone else's skin
but my own.

Often, to facilitate this, I change myself physically. I'm
learning to channel this positively. I want red, I don't
cut my wrists, I cut my hair. And dye it red, of course.

It's a wonderfully wicked color now. If you have the most
recent edition of People magazine, or just have the Clairol
advertisement with the whole group of people with different
hair colours, cover from the nose down of the girl with the
reddish hair in the centre-bottom left. It looks exactly
like me from the top of the nose up. Except, during a
happy mood change, I had it hacked off around shoulder

I should probably change my color of the moment to
beeswax. I'm cheering up.

With best of regards,