2001-12-25 07:16:18 (UTC)

Christmas Eve

Hehe well this Christmas eve turned out a lot different
than I figured it would. We went to dinner at my aunt and
uncle's house and it was so fast because there were so many
people there, and so many kids, that you never stood in one
place for very long. But we went home fairly early (around
9 or so) because they have two little kids and they'll
surely be getting up early tomorrow morning. So we came
home, and then my sister's boyfriend and his friend (who's
gorgeous, even though he's only 17) came over... we ended
up making a slurpee run at quarter to tweleve, in the -18 C
weather... it was pretty wierd. I didn't think i'd spend
the first minutes of Christmas crusing around town with a
couple guys. But it was cool. Everyone's pretty hyper cuz
of Christmas and stuff. Hopefully tomorrow goes well too.