monkey princess
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2001-12-25 07:14:51 (UTC)

Las Navidades son para los salvaje pelosos del infierno

But really! There comes a time when our furry friends, the
cuddle bears, are not so furry or so friendly. Ah yes,
they stare at us with their google eyes at night while we
tuck them under the covers with us to keep us safe. And we
kiss their tender innocent plastic noses and whisper "sweet
dreams pooh bear" into their fuzzy little ears. And our
naive and ignorant selves fall asleep feeling secure and
guarded by our stuffed guardian angels. But then, when our
eyes are closed, and we slip into our nocturnal realities,
the pooh bears awaken. Not just a physical awakeness, but
a rebirth of the soul. They listen to the soft inhalations
and exhalations of their human masters while they
contemplate the molecular structures of the universe. They
reprogram cosmic patterns in the vast darkness of space,
and assign souls to newly fertilezed eggs. They monitor
the directions of the winds and the orbits of the
planets....all from the comfort of their tightly tucked
Stayed tuned for Lizards that read Japanese backwards

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