Another lost soul

Caste Shadows
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2001-12-25 06:29:48 (UTC)

A longing, happyness

Tommarrow I get to see Taylor. My mind keeps fading out,
thinking of when that moment will arise. I'm going to see
her and we are going to be happy. I can't wait... I keep
sighing at the thought of her.

I talked to Whitney today. I think things are back to
normal. I trust her again but I will still withold
information so she won't get upset. If she asks, I'll tell.
Otherwise I won't. She gets upset too easy. But she is
very happy now. It makes me happy too. She finally read my
letter. She liked it. I am still waiting for her's.
Apparently that dickwad, Tony, hasn't sent it for her yet.
I can't wait to get it.

I have thought about something. I am going back somewhat to
my old lifestyle of not releasing my inner feelings to
others. I will keep them to myself. If there is something
that is totally and dreadfully wrong, then I will say
something. Otherwise I won't. It will be better that way.

And I am going to make my best effort to make Taylor
extremely happy tommarrow. I'm going all-out. I want her
to remember me fondly until I see her again. Its so hard
being apart and I used to doubt our being together, but all
doubt goes away when we are with each other again. My world
becomes whole again.

My family and I opened presents tonight. My parents hate
anime so I didn't get any like I asked for. But I got some
cool stuff. Here's what I got: a midtower case w 300W PS, a
book on programming games for Linux (yay!), Monty Python and
the Holy Grail DVD, Monty Python's Life of Brian DVD, Office
Space DVD, Hypnotic by Paul Taylor CD, and Turn up the Heat
by Eric Marienthal CD. I need to buy a motherboard for the
case and I'll be set.

Merry Christmas, all!

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