lost in the dark
2001-12-25 06:28:37 (UTC)

Well is it Christmas...

Hey Entry. It is Christmas !!
But, it does not feel like Christmas. I have no holiday
spirit this year. I feel as if it was just another day.
Well, not just another day, I have today and tomorrow off.
Woohoo. Not. I am suppose to feel happy and chearful. There
is this hollow feeling that I just don't now how to get
ride of. Maybe it is just that I am tired. Or there is
nothing really all that specail going on. I wish things
were different. This is the season for giving and I have
nothing to give of value from what I see. I can give my
friendship to those that I love. But, for some reason I
don't think that is enough these days. I want to give soo
much more. I want to give something so that people may have
something to charish and remember me. It is so hard to find
something that shows people who I really am. This shell of
mine is wearing thin these days. Sometimes I feel like I
would be better off under a rock and out of sight and mind
of people. I know when things are like this I should be
around good friends and family. I am with a good friend,
but I still have this hollow feeling and I am not too sure
how to handle it.
I hope that things will look better in the morning when I
get up. So many things to do and not enough time. LOL
Not that was funny. There is always time to do things.
Just have to know how to achieve them.

You are in my dreams tonight Sister and Brother.

Lost in the Dark...