still single

sick of all the sh*t
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2001-12-25 06:23:19 (UTC)

Expirament in torture a.k.a liposuction

Don't ever get liposuction...please pray for me that I get
through's a nightmare!!!I wish I could go back
but it's too late.4 days with no sleep and constant
excruciating pain...I shouldn't've been so
everyone fucking tells me I didn't really need it which
pisdses me off becauser before surgery it wasn';t like that
at all...and whoever replied about"Seargent Slaughter"You
were absolutely correct. I must be a masochist in all areas
of my life..oh yeah got fired from my job...Dan hasn't
called...there must be no email or phones in Japan!!!!!!!
Anyway lots of painkillers, pain, blood, tears, exhaustion
have made me a a bit f'd up and I cN HARDLY type so when I
can I'll write again...And I am opposed to any form of
cosmetic surgery! We should be thankful just being the way
God created us...Merry Christmas

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