2001-12-25 06:21:52 (UTC)


I can't believe it is finally here.. The kids will be so
excited tomorrow morning, I LOVE the smiles in their eyes
on Christmas morning and this will be Haylee's first, I'm
soo excited for them.. Brendan ws so depressed tonight
thinking that Kiegan got that new gameboy and he didn't but
little does he know that Santa has it in his sleigh for
him...hahahaha God I love these kids, it makes me happy to
make them happy, even though I try hard it doesn't come
along enough, making them happy I mean.. But for now things
are better at the home front, I only hope and pray things
will stay that way.. Well I know I have nothing to open
tomorrow morning but I am excited anyway, to see hubby's
face and the any rate MERRY CHRISTMAS TO
ME!! ....Night All