this is me
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2001-12-25 06:19:52 (UTC)

my fun day

hey there, i woke up relatively late, took a quick shower,
and all of a sudden people, everwhere, cousins, aunts &
uncles, grandparents, i couldnt take it, i went to my room
and played my guitar, i am so glad i decided to pick up a
guitar. it has totally changed my life, but writing songs
isnt all thats on my mind anymore, i need to work on
relationships. first of all i dont know what to do about
kelly, i love her more than anything, she is everything to
me, and i think the song "always and forever" by good
charlotte best describes how i feel about her. anyway, i
knew it would never happen, but whatever, im going to write
her an email tonight. anyway, while me relatives were all
downstairs, i was up in my room talkin withh ally and aerin
on the phone. it was cool, ally wants me to hook up with
aerin who is appparently quite good looking. although ally
is pretty darn good herself. but mostly ive been thinking
about elisia, we have been really talking about us, which i
never ever ever ever thought would hapen, and she is
openning up to the idea i think. well anyways, i need to
talk to kelly about it first. about me and her first of
all, because i need her to understand that i love her. but
i cant keep waiting, but im not really sure where to go,
not liz, i know that, but i mean, ally?aerin?arete?elisia:)?
cassie?kasia?lizzy?or maybe liz b. or maybe even
brianna.... hmmm, anyway, i cant wait until well, its later
this morning now, but i cant wait to get the POD line 6,
its gonna be soooo sweet. anyways, i need to figure the
whole girl thing out most of all. hmm, who knows. i love
you kelly, goodnight.

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