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2001-12-25 05:59:54 (UTC)

One Day (Written By Krista)

Have you ever loved a guy who actually cared and loved you
for you? The guy you could tell anything to. A guy that
doesn't run when things get tough?

I had a guy like this he was rough on the outside, but so
soft, on the inside. The guy always knew what I was going

And when our Relationship was on the rocks, He just would
stand by my side and said we should talk.

We went through the good times, the best times, and the
bad, and the worst times.

Then one day he asked if I wanted to be with him forever. I
said "Yes" because I believed our love would last forever.

But then something went terribly wrong. My parents didn't
approve for I was fourteen (fifteen now) and he was twenty

So today I see him we just look into each others eyes. Oh
how I wish I could cry, But I try to stay strong, Because I
know thats what he'd want me to do.

And as he walks away he turns around one last time and
tells me, "One day we'll be together and that day will be
our day and nobody can take that away.

Bye Krista S.

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