humming bird

my F***ed up head
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2001-12-25 05:56:36 (UTC)

i'm in love and its Xmas

well i went to jasons tonight we rented scary movie 2 and
we watched that and flubber and i had so much.... when he
dropped me off tonight i told him to come inside and he did
and i gave him his Xmas present and then i go thats not all
and he goes its not and i go no and like between every word
i would kiss him and i go guess what and he goes what and i
looked and him and i go i love you and he kissed me and he
goes i love u too and he didnt stop smiling til when i shut
the door and for all i know he coulda still been smiling
but yeah thats all becuz like he had said i love you before
and i didnt say it back and so i did tonight... i was like
sitting on his lap tonight and he goes why do i love u so
much and i soooo wanted to say it back to him but iwas like
nope keep ur mouth shut and wait a couple more hours so i
did... EWE and we were like making out mad style tonight
and i got really sweaty and i was sooo hot cuz he was on
top of me and like ewe i was just so gross and he didnt
even care but yeah i am gonna go so i will write tomorrow
prolly and tell everything i got for Xmas even tho it is
gonne be ghetto and like hardly anything or a bunch of
shitty lil things but thats ok its still christmas and i'm
in love!.... bye....jewels