It smells like poop over here
2001-12-25 05:43:10 (UTC)

she'd grab me by the ears and say "kiss me where it smells funny!"

bloodhound gang once again. i went to my grand mammy's for
christmas dinner and gift exchange and what not. i actually
got what i asked for...kurt vonnegut "slaughter house 5",
AFI "the art of drowning" and the vandals "hitler bad,
vandals good". plus i got a really keen hoody, some socks i
gave to my brother and 2 tye die t-shirts? i dont' think
ill be wearing those. the hoody is ok though. plus at work
i got a $30 christmas bonus, not much but $30 more than i
had. it'll help pay my visa bill. tomorrow, im being
dragged to my mom's bf's son's house. did that make sense?
i figured id stay for 20 then bust over to giulia and
marty's. my old friend robin is back in town, so im gonna
try to chill with her if she can get a hold of me. i gave
her my cell # so shouldn't be too hard. im outty, cause im
really tired, so take it easy folks.