AngeL w/o WinGs

-=-My So Called Life-=-
2001-12-25 04:29:55 (UTC)

JOE-=-My Anti Drug

Take a drag
Just one puff
Make lifes problems fade away
The worries parading thru my mind
Are no longer in my way.
Colors brighten up the room
A warmness fills my heart
I feel light
This has got to be right
This cloud of smoke
That is warping my sight.
I don't need school
I don't need friends
I just need a light
To smoke up all alone in the corner
In my corner of the world.
Don't care about anything anymore
Just gotta smoke it up.
With smoke in the room, thinking I'm livin' life to its best
Forgetting my problems
Worries flying high
Out the window
And over my head.
But baby...that's what life's all about.
And baby....damn am I missin' out.

Smoke choking up my dreams
Clogging up my path.
Days wasted in my corner
I'm slowly fading out.
Friends lost
Family hiding
Education....the only answer....
...Thrown away...

Don't care about the world
Future is gone anyways,
Just smoking it up...
...Killing my chances...
Of ever making it

Thoughts of depression
crossing my mind
The only answer....

man, howd life get so lame?
drugs i tell you.....
they end the game.

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