Magic of Mascara
2001-12-25 04:22:16 (UTC)

Christmas Eve

It's Monday night. It's dark and warm and the tree is
beautiful. The gifts underneath are screaming my name. I
can't wait til morning. I went to my cousins house this
weekend. I met a guy named Eli. He seems really cool but
I've heard stuff about him like how he's hurt girls and
all. I really like him and he seems like a good guy but I
can't tell stuff like that. The fact that he got really mad
when I told him what I had heard didn't help on his part.
He left after I told him that and he should have stayed and
talked with me. I dunno.He said that he couldnt find a
girlfriend when we were allt alking about marriage and I
would sooo be his girlfriend. Even if he goes back to North
Carolina.We left on bad terms cause he left at night and in
the morning I went home. I dunno how things are going to be
when i go back down. I asked Chuck to talk to him. He
seemed more interested in who said that about him then how
I felt about it. I don't want to sound selfish, but if he
said that he had heard bad stuff about me, I would be mad
but I would leave. I would stay so that the guy wouldn't
think that what he heard was true. I'm tired and I still
have presents to wrap. All I have to say is that it felt
really good to kiss someone that didn't have a girlfriend
and was really cute and came onto me. I felt really good
and had a good weekend until he asked me to have sex with
him a hundred times and asked me allt his sex shit and then
got mad when i told him I heard he was a pig. ARGH. Fuckin

Goodnight everyone and have a great Christmas.